Muhammad Convenant Campaign

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan!

Salam Alaikum
Today, the Gaza Strip is in dire conditions. So far in the war, tens of thousands have been martyred and the bodies of thousands are still under the rubble. More than two million people have been displaced and over seventy percent of the people of Gaza are suffering from severe hunger. Half of the buildings in Gaza have been destroyed and the volume of destruction has exceeded the damages of the cities of Germany in World War II. All these crimes are taking place under circumstances where none of the scholars of Islamic religions have any doubt or disagreement that when the enemy dominates the land of Muslims and threatens the Islamic entity in a country, it is the duty of all Muslims to fight against that enemy in a great and universal jihad, expel him from that Islamic land, and punish and chastise him. Isn’t Zionism, the malignant, dangerous, criminal, and enemy of Islam and Muslims, an aggressor? Isn’t Palestine the home and Qibla of Muslims? Isn’t this the command of the Holy Quran that the followers of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) should be “harsh against the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves” (Al-Fath, 29)?Mr. Erdogan! Are you aware that from October 7th to now, according to the official statistics of your Ministry of Transport, on average, eight ships from Turkey are loaded daily for the ports of the fake Israeli regime? Are you aware that during this period, about sixty percent of Israel’s imported oil has been sent to that regime via Turkey, specifically from the port of Ceyhan? Are you aware that a significant portion of the minerals and metals needed by Israel for settlement construction and the occupation of Palestinian lands is supplied by Turkey? Have you really thought that with a few symbolic actions like removing the name of Israel from the list of Turkey’s export destinations, even though you have had more than five billion dollars in exports to this fake regime, you can deceive the Muslims of the world? If you are honest in your claim and a supporter of the oppressed people of Palestine, prevent the use of your country’s soil for supplying more than sixty percent of Israel’s imported oil. Today we see how the heroic nation of Yemen, has been able to put pressure on Israel by blocking one of the lifelines in the Red Sea. Undoubtedly, if the vital artery of Israel’s oil and energy supply that passes through your land is closed, Israel will no longer have the ability to continue the war and killing oppressed Muslims. But you have not wanted to stop the Israeli war machine and you have allowed this usurping government to continue with its war crimes.Mr. Erdoğan! We, the Muslim nations of the world, can no longer tolerate the continuation of war crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine. We Muslims warn you and announceJust as the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) had made an alliance with the brave men in the “Half al-Fadhol” treaty to stand in support of the oppressed against the oppressors, we make a pact with Muhammad (PBUH) to stop this war machine. If our hands fall short from Palestine to defend beloved Palestine with our lives, yet our hands reach toward Israel’s criminal accomplices who supply fuel and necessary materials for this war machine.This letter is a beginning for the covenant of Muhammad (PBUH) and a warning for you. We will ask all the Muslims of the world to join the covenant of Muhammad (PBUH) and stop you politicians in every possible way, who consider themselves to be Muslims, but have become his accomplices by supplying Israel with oil and food. It is better to make a decisive decision as soon as possible and stop the supply of fuel and necessities to Israel from the soil of your country, before you drown in the flood of Muslim anger.

لطفاً برای تکمیل این فرم، جاوا اسکریپت را در مرورگر خود فعال کنید.